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Find My Reach

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One of the Most Effective Forms of Digital Advertising

Paid search is a highly effective method of ‘buying’ traffic to your website.
The name refers to the pricing model, Pay Per Click (PPC). You only pay when a person clicks an ad, directing them through to your website.
PPC is a fantastic source to drive traffic and increase conversions for new and established websites. PPC is exceptionally trackable and as a result, it’s very easy to measure how profitable the traffic is.
PPC has several sub-divisions such as display, video and shopping, but it all started with text-based ads served in Google’s search engine results.

Why Choose Find My Reach?

Google Premier Partners

Our team of experts are all Google Premier Partners.

Fully Qualified Team

All our work is done in-house and every member of our PPC team is Google Ads and Bing certified

Bespoke Service

Our approach is 100% bespoke, providing fully transparent reports, accessible at any time for all our clients

ROI Focused

As with all our services, our PPC campaigns are ROI focused. We don’t just stop at conversions; we like to measure the profitability of PPC for all our clients.

Fixed Fees

We don’t charge based on click spend, so if you want to increase your ad spend this won’t affect our cost to you
Delivery & Exceptional Customer Service

We always start a project with research and data analysis to assess the potential profitability of paid search, in order to inform our strategy going forward – our service is centred around providing ROI for all our clients.
The most common starting point would be rebuilding an account, as it’s incredibly important to get foundation right first to provide a stable platform for sustainable future growth and ongoing optimisation. From here, we’ll work closely with you to make sure every optimisation we create works towards your goals and ultimately increases revenue for your business.

Google Shopping

Google shopping accounts for around 58% of retailers’ Google search ad clicks in the UK.
For an E-commerce website, Google shopping ads are often the most profitable source of paid traffic. The ads are shown when a user performs a search with purchase intent, they are made up of a product’s image, title and price. Users can see a picture of the product before they click through to your website, which means the traffic quality is often very high.
Shopping campaigns mostly operate with a ‘pay per click’ pricing model and CPC’s can often be cheaper than their search campaign counterparts.
The performance of these campaigns is directly linked to the quality of the data you can supply in your shopping feed and the structuring of the campaigns themselves. This is something that our PPC team has a lot of hands-on experience with and we’re proud to say that Google shopping is a strength of ours.



Formerly known as AdWords, Google Ads is Google’s Own Advertising Platform

Google Ads accounts for 33% of global advertising revenue and 97% of Google’s revenue.

To give you an idea of how successful you can be when using this, Google calculates that for every £1 advertisers spend on Google Ads, they get on average £2 back. The success of this platform is largely down to the huge amounts of traffic Google receives every day.

Google Ads allow you to bid on the search terms you choose and compete with other advertisers to get in front of the eyes of the right customer.

At Find My Reach, before setting up any campaign within Google Ads, we go into depth with industry research and plan out our campaigns accordingly. Using this research, we can build relevant campaigns that will drive highly targeted visitors to your website.

We can quickly get a view of how the campaigns are performing, once traffic begins to come through the account. Using that data, we can optimise the account accordingly, bringing in more customers at a lower price.

Google Ads, some Quick Facts

Only Pay for Clicks

You only pay when you get a click; so you don’t pay when someone views your ad

Huge Reach

Incredibly wide reach, its display network reaches over 90% of all global internet users

Instant Impact

It reduces time spent trying to rank organically. With the right bidding strategy, you can appear at the top in a matter of minutes

Highly Targeted

You only appear for terms you choose; meaning the traffic you receive is highly relevant


Using reports within Adwords, you can see how you’re faring up against your competition over time


You can set a daily budget within Adwords so you can control how much you’re spending each day


Bing Shopping is a Must for eCommerce Websites

Bing Shopping campaigns use Product Ads, which have large images, pricing and your company name to make them really stand out in the search results.

As a relatively new feature to Bing, some advertisers find the process of setting up a Bing Shopping campaign (verifying your website using Bing Webmaster Tools, creating a Bing Merchant Centre account, creating and uploading a product feed/catalogue and building the actual shopping campaign in the Bing Ads platform) daunting.

This presents an opportunity – if your company is one of few to use Bing shopping, you can almost monopolise the shopping results and enjoy less competitive, cost-effective traffic. Our in-house PPC Team specialises in shopping, so we take care of everything you need to get your product ads live on Bing fast.


Be seen more, sell more.

Amazon’s Advertising platform is growing fast with more than 8% of all product page views now coming from a sponsored product or brand.

There are several ways to utilise the platform including Sponsored Products, Sponsored Brands and Sponsored Shops.

Sponsored Products

Ads for individual products that appear in search results and on product pages.

Sponsored Brands

Sponsored Brands are ads that feature your brand logo, a custom headline, and up to three of your products.

These ads appear on search results and help generate recognition for your brand and product portfolio.